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First, over 60% of all Pokemon have been cut and do not appear in any playable form in this game. All previous starters except the Charizard line and all previous legendaries, for example, have been removed by Game Freak.

Because you’ll be able to play with others in the same game space, your avatars , it’s always best to make sure that you look a little different than those around you. You can compete against these large Dynamaxed Pokemon on your own or with up to three other real players in Max Raid Battles in the game’s Wild Area. If you win a Max Raid Battle, you’ll have the opportunity to catch the opposing Pokemon. For one, you explore a vast Wild Area, which is a new feature not seen in previous Pokemon games. I read somewhere online that game freak cut a bunch of Pokémon so you can perfect it’s animations but honestly with the exception of a few special animations they Picasa all look kind of generic.

Sure, there were some nice tunes but overall, the audio side fell flat for me. It might just be me, but I think the Pokémon games could really benefit from having at least some voice acting. I don’t mind reading the subtitles, far from it, but I just think that from an audio perspective the game was a little weak.

There was a lot of noise created during the build-up to the launch of both titles surrounding the inclusion, or rather the exclusion of certain Pokémon. There are 400 different Pokémon in the Sword and Shield games, some of which are exclusive to one or the other title. Fast forward a few more years than I would care to mention and Pokémon is still a dominant force.

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I don’t remember much about our yearly holidays to visit family, but that one remains firmly set in my memories. As long as your little Pokemon fan knows that not all Pokemon are in the games, then yes, absolutely. Pokemon Sword and Shield are incredibly enjoyable games with a lot of charm and a whole lot to do between the first and last zones. Right from the beginning of your time in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you’ll be able to spend some of your hard-earned in-game money on new pieces of your wardrobe.

Again with the previous point I know that the switches hardware isn’t exactly the best but I know it’s better than this. I begin my Pokémon journey on Pokémon blue edition back on the OG game boy.

Ever since then I fell in love with Pokémon and played all the games up until the 3DS games due to college and such. This is the first Pokémon game that I have played since coming back into it and let me just tell you I’ve never been so disappointed so much in a Nintendo game in my life before. This game feels very rushed and I am not thrilled with it. I find myself going back to leaf green rather pokemon sword. As someone who has played every mainline entry since the original Pokemon Red and Blue, I am particularly disappointed to see the quality of Pokemon games declining for the past few years.

I missed a few games while I was not really gaming but with Let’s Go and Let’s Go Eevee last year, my appetite was whet for more. Many moons ago, when I was a young boy, I went to visit my family in the Netherlands. My nephew had a Gameboy colour – one of the consoles I skipped for some reason – and in it, he had Pokémon Yellow.

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