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Roman seems to have this grounded what with nifty CSS and JavaScript editors. As long as you know your way around code, you can push your interactive illustrations to the limit. For purposes of illustration, let us assume for a minute you are a real estate agent with properties to sell all over the country. You’re doing really well and would like to show available properties on a map.

  • You can now see aspects already in Orb at the start of each report allowing long term transit hits to be always visible, even if no E/X/L event occurs during report period.
  • Auto DST adjustments are now applied to report events and a timezone column added to show which timezone applies to each event.
  • Our Dynamic events have the highest accuracy possible, including for large time steps.

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If you are unsuccessful in your diplomatic efforts, please submit your complaints, including as many details as possible, in writing to the City Ccleaner. The Planning Department will review the complaint, and if there is a zoning violation, will work to resolve the situation. To determine the zoning district your property is located in, please view the map posted at the top of this page or come to City Hall to view the Hailey Zoning Map, or call the Planning Department. You’ll need the property’s legal description or a detailed description of the property’s location, so we can find it on our map. The map is currently tucked away in a box with other mementos from the Portugal trip, and Schneider says she plans to frame it one of these days.

If you try to mouse over Nei Mongol at this point, the images won’t appear in the tooltip. You will also notice the map is already split into regions and they are already clickable! Also, familiarize yourself with the other controls including theMenu drop-down menu.

You’d like to display information such as size, address, price, photos and stuff like that. You can compare the map you create here with any open source planetarium software before you order. We put a lot of effort into ensuring your Night Sky is of the highest quality. Your map is printed on museum grade art matt paper that is over 200gsm in weight. We use archival inks in the printing process to ensure no degradation of colour.

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"This ‘old-school’ approach to an international road trip was more interesting, reliable and fun than depending upon Google Maps," she says. “My husband and I used a paper map to drive throughout Portugal during our honeymoon ,” says Andrea Schneider, who lives in Austin.

On the next screen, fill out theTitle and change thePreloader Text if you’re so inclined. On the same screen, you can set your map size, toggle off responsive design (it’s on by default, so don’t touch the dial), turn on tooltips and popovers among others things.

We have created a simple interface for you to create your very own star map. Create a custom map of the night your heart skipped a beat. Printed on museum grade art matte paper and printed using archival inks. Consider talking to your neighbor with the intent of working out your problem before involving the City in the matter.

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