Art Therapy Workshop: Level 1 with Carol Hammal

Do You Want to learn about the basics of art therapy and its application? This is a 2-day workshop that will introduce you to the world of Art Therapy where you will get the chance to explore different art mediums and read the symbols of your own drawings. Come attend our 2 days introductory workshop which integrates theory and practice by the only trained Art Psychotherapist in Egypt, Carol Hammal. This is an introductory-level course offered to anyone interested to learn about art therapy. **** NO ART SKILLS REQUIRED*** You will be offered an insightful lecture, the workshop is an introductory level to the basics of Art therapy and its applications with some hands-on experience from a wide choice of art materials. It is offered by Carol Hammal, Egypt's first trained art psychotherapist. Throughout the 2 days, you will get knowledge of What art therapy is. And what is not. History and theory of art therapy. How art therapy is applied with various populations. Adults and children.How to understand your own drawings/art. How to identify pathological artwork (i.e. Artwork showing signs of depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, brain damage, developmental delays...) It is also a brief on how to proceed if interested in pursuing a career in art therapy. You do not need to bring your materials, everything is supplied at the center. How to understand ur children's drawings is covered in the advanced level workshop. Level 1 required first. **Certificate of attendance will be provided.


  • January 29, 2020
  • January 30, 2020
  • 06:30 PM
  • 06:30 PM



  • EGP 1700

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